Happy Sims lead to success. In order to progress through the game, meet new Sims and participate in activities, you will need to keep your Sim happy. To do this, make sure you are involved in different activities, stay sociable, and learn new skills such as cooking or fishing.


Your Sims have needs. This is why in the lower left hand corner of the screen you must pay attention to their current status and see what requires attention. This could range from hunger to bad hygiene and can reflect your Sim’s mood.


  • In order to gain a cooking skill you must first finish the cooking tutorial successfully. You must keep the pots cooking without allowing them to boil over. To do this, touch a pot to select it then shake the iPhone to keep the heat down and stir the pot. Do this enough times in the allotted amount of time and you will earn one point.
  • In order to cook in general, you must first purchase a recipe from the local “Corsican Bistro” located by the beach. Once you have done this, go to the grocery store “Quickmart” to purchase your ingredients. You can also grow them in your garden if you have already upgraded your house, which saves time and money.

Queued actions

Watch for the queued actions located in the top left portion of the screen. If you are waiting on your Sim to perform an action, make sure they are not currently busy with other multiple tasks. To delete some, tap the icon.
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To fish properly, tilt the iPhone to lure a fish in then shake the iPhone upwards to catch the fish.


To repair electronics and other things that go wrong, such as a broken sink, drag them into the trashcan located in the front yard. Then purchase new ones and replace them accordingly all within the time limit to earn a skill point.


Gardening will save you money. You can start a fruit and vegetable garden along the side of your house if you upgrade it within Build mode. To buy seeds for planting, stop by the Hobby Shop in town. Remember that fertilizer also helps them grow faster.

Easy money

  • Go to Walter’s house and become friends. He will then try to challenge you to see who has the largest trout from the lake. If you do this, Walter will hand over 200 Simoleons.
  • Kia will also give you 200 Simoleons if you give her a catfish.
  • Earn money by selling fish. Go to the Market and select “Shop” in the menu. You can then use the plus and minus signs to sell your stock of fish. Vegetables can also be sold for Simoleons.

Wishes and goals

An important feature are wishes and goals. With a total of 73 unlockable achievements, these wishes also affect your Sims mood rating and progression through the game. Complete each task to continue on.

Controlling the view

Camera control is very important, as it allows you to view specific objects and perform actions when you cannot normally see them. In order to pan the camera around, slide your finger across the screen. To zoom in and out, use the slider bar on the right hand portion of the screen. To orbit with the camera and get a bird’s eye view, touch the screen with two fingers.

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  1. admin says:

    Hints iPod and iPhone

  2. confused says:


  3. James says:

    I have 72 out of 73 goals and I am stuck on the last one. “Be liked by all Sims in town” how do I accomplish this because all sims are already my friend. Please help.

  4. chloe says:

    thankyou helped me loads! :)

  5. Ashley says:

    How do you make a baby on mysims3 on the iPhone

  6. Andrew says:

    how do you have sex (make a baby) on sims 3


  7. Andrew says:

    how do you slap someone on sims 3 iphone edition

  8. Andrew says:

    i worked out how to make a baby on sims 3 iphone you be romantic flirt a couple of times go than be romantic scroll down and youll get the option of woohoo go on it (HAVE TO BE A PARTNER OR ABOVE)

    hope I’ve helped

  9. Bella Smith says:

    Reply to ashley:

    You can’t babysit

  10. Lily says:

    How do you get married??????

    P.S. Peoples please email me!

  11. Jp says:

    You have to go to be romantic if ur dating some one then scroll down and click get married easy simple ur welcome

  12. mari says:

    how do you make a baby on sims 3 for ipod/iphone?

  13. tiffany says:

    how do you get the pond shop open

  14. gaga says:

    u get married by doing a lot of romantic stuff and when u become someones partner scoll down on be romantic and tap grt married lily.

  15. dianiiii says:

    how do you wohoo!! with someone

  16. dianiiii says:

    uuu and how do you get promotions?

  17. meggggggggggggsie says:

    how do you start dating with someone on sims 3 on the ipod

  18. nic says:

    my tasks keep getting repeated and im bored of making ‘steak and veg’ how do i delete the ones i’ve done so i can get on with the list?
    please help think i’ve done most tasks at least twice.

  19. sims3luva says:

    do get promotions become friends with your sims boss. Then go to their house and tap them then scroll down and select Actions. Tap Ask For A Raise and if you have met the requirements he/she will give you a promotion. If you have not met the requirements then she/he will tell you what is needed. For the labrotory it will be Gardening & Fishing, you will need to get the skill levels up. Need any more help with the game? Contact me at chrystaltwilightox@hotmail.com …. THANKS :)

  20. Steven says:

    Can I Make a House or at least build onto my own ?? If so how ??

  21. Jenna says:

    You cannot make a house, The game Mainly bought you one, but Jerry Inovations’ Company lets you upgrade your house to give you more space. For instance, A message will say that you can upgrade your house.

  22. Jackie says:

    If You Go To Help & About And Go To Gardening And Shake Your Ipod/IPhone Each Time You Get 600 Sim Coins Or Whatever.
    :D Hope I Saved Ya.

  23. Gracie says:

    to meggggggsie to start dating go to someones house keep being romatic when your dating touch the peaople holding hands in the corner and you will kiss

  24. Stacy says:


    How Do You Have A Baby Please Answer
    Having a baby is not woohoo ing

    TELL ME SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!

  25. RHM says:

    How do you get the pawn shop open?
    And i dont think you can have a baby on sims 3, only the other sim3 game you can!

  26. RHM says:

    How do you get the pawn shop open?
    And i dont think you can have babies on sims 3
    its only on one of the other sim 3 games.

  27. My dad has been writing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed him the web address so perhaps he could pick up a couple pointers. Fantastic Job.
    You nicely summed up the issue. I would add that this doesn’t exactly concenplate often. xD Anyway, good post…

  28. Gabby says:

    If you press the’ …’ menue go to help and then click gardaning and shake ur ipod/phone you get money you can do this any time

  29. Celine says:

    You have to buy a cot and al of your needs need to be met then you have a relationship get married ect then do woohoo

  30. clueless says:

    How do you get married on the iphone and then get a baby i’ve bought the cot bought i neeeeeeed to get married.

  31. clueless says:

    Oh and how do you whoo hoo?

  32. sheila says:

    ur all soooo into the sims im too!!!!!!

  33. kmp says:

    how do you buy a cot??

  34. Carrie says:

    Can anyone tell me how do you get a sponsorship deal for the job as a personal trainer? I can’t accomplish that goal in order to advance in my career. Please help Thanks!

  35. Chris says:

    Is there a way toget free simoleons on sims 3 ambitions on the iPod?

  36. deanna says:

    how do u have a baby

  37. Saxophoneist says:

    How long does it take till you start dating in the iPhone edition of sims 3?

  38. elle says:

    hey deanna — NO kids at sims 3 mobile

  39. adam says:

    there r. i already hav them

  40. Natsuki says:

    how do you become a vampire on Sims 3 for iPod?

  41. Jeremiah says:

    Hey adam im having trouble having kids in the i pod verson how do u have them its even harder than real life only real life is full of pleaser

  42. Hannah Jojofa says:

    How to learn others traits quickly? I know friendly, active, sense of humour..etc is easy to know, but like easily impressed, slob, nature cook, vain, ..etc where to start that? please answer or email please.. didn’t sleep for 3 nights, just wanting to find out :(

  43. hannah Jojofa says:

    Oh i am on Iphone 4 Sims 3, so not PC game, thanks.

  44. hannah Jojofa says:

    Just wondering, when i am looking back the date, there are only answers in like last year, since then, no questions was answered after 2010. Can someone pleaes click in and answer our questions please.

  45. Unknown says:

    You can have your partner move in with you by inviting her to your house and go to actions and press “ask to move in”

    If you need help just ask

  46. Not me! ;) says:

    You guys are all talking about 2 diff. Games lyk u can’t have a baby in sim3 but u can in sims3 ambitions I have both games and they r both good in diff ways kk I hope I helped ;)

  47. liam says:

    to woohoo: only be nice to someone until they’re just a FRIEND and the start to flirt and FRIEND will change to DATE carry on flirting and then soon DATE will change to PARTNER (at this point you can woohoo) and then you go on flirt and there is the option of GET MARRIED. and you also get the option to get your partner move in.

    and you cant have babies on this edition but i think you can on the others.
    and natsuki im pretty sure you cant become a vampire lol :P
    HOPE I HELPED GUYS phew i almost turned guys into guts haha then there would’ve been trouble

  48. liam says:

    oh and by the way i have no idea whats with the “pawn shop”

  49. Name (required) says:

    If i ask a boy to move in he refuses!! And then he is angry, you know! And how can you date with someone? I am best friends, but i dont know how to start a ‘romantic’ relationship.

  50. sally says:

    Adam how do you have kids in my sims 3

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