The Sims 3 official soundtrack

You have a good opportunity ti listen new official soundtrack of The Sims 3. So playlist is:

1. Sims 3 main theme.mp3
2. Simmering Mallets.mp3
3. Comsumerism Simplified.mp3
4. Versimilitude.mp3
5. Simple Assembly.mp3
6. Aisles of Miles of Smiles.mp3
7. Identity Check.mp3
8. Simple Directions.mp3
9. Let’s Assimilate.mp3
10. Don’t Be Parsimonious.mp3
11. Constructive Simicism.mp3
12. Maps & Simbols.mp3
13. Amazing Facsimile.mp3
14. Striking Similarities.mp3
15. Cartographer’s Simphony.mp3

You can listen soundtrack on this page:

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  1. beckie gardner says:

    any way i can listen to postal ritney by touchstone for fee without it beign blocked??? i love it, i need a free download so i can use it in a school project

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