EA has been published a lot of expansion packs for the sims 3 and game play become more interesting, you can choose your own and favorite professions or way of leaving. So it is absolutely up to you, how you will grow your Sims 3 live.

So expansion packs are:
The Sims 3: High End Loft Stuff
The Sims 3: World Adventures
The Sims 3: Ambitions

The Sims 3: Late Night serials below (26th of October, November 2010):


Due that we are presenting a new serials numbers for the The Sims 3 expansion packs. All The Sims 3 serial numbers dated this summer July/August 2010. Be free to use and please leave the comments below, how you play and what do you want to see on the website about The Sims 3:


Enjoy, how to use these The Sims 3 serial numbers, before game installation set-up will ask please input serial numbers, so copy it form the above and put in the setup dialog. If questions please leave the comments below.

New Sims 3 serials numbers:


Batch of new serial numbers (July 2009)


We have got new batch of serials numbers just arrived February 2010, so please be free of use:


Also don’t forget to check more hints and cheats of The Sims 3

Sims 3

Sims 3

Funny screen form the Sims 3, guy getting candy from the kid ;)

The Sims 3 serial numbers you can get on this page, Summer 2010

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack

147 Responses to “The Sims 3 serial numbers”

  1. Dominique says:

    i luv the sims no how the hell im i sapose to download it

  2. Tinay says:

    i want too download it but dk how too???? can we get sum help dang!!!!!

  3. aisan says:

    plz help me i want creat anew account in sims3 websit but my serial code and password in invalid plz help im from iran :-(( plzzz

  4. sexy says:

    it wont let me

  5. matty says:

    thanks your a life saver, i lost my serial code

  6. HikaruShirou says:

    First newest code worked. Thanks so much! I can’t wait to play!

  7. Elis says:

    hey guys!

    here is all

    Sims 2:UL-CS68-J6AT-37Y7-KX4F
    University: ENUC-5RMN-LWQU-7NGP-45TZ
    The Sims 2 University: ENUC-5RMN-LWQU-7NGP-45TZ
    The Sims 2 Nightlife:86X7-SQDL-J5TJ-5FKJ-P7EZ
    The Sims:105012-253814-857614-8468
    Livin’ Large:1500-8227479-2988266-8609
    House Party:1500-4373115-7464703-2638
    Hot Date:1500-8303633-6053133-6121
    Superstar: 1500-3429490-7879490-5409
    Sims 1: 100541-586963-331887-0302
    Sims Complete Collection :CMMD-E8HB-2PEP-HZ7R-HSTH
    Sim City 4: GKXX-GMBZ-2ZU6-X7DC

    they all work!



    and sims 3


    hope it helps
    Elis Lessen

  8. pooh says:

    thanx ur coowl XX

  9. tanya says:

    can i have an unused one i lost my case in new york.

  10. naranm says:

    thanks man!!!!!!!!

  11. HANCHAN says:

    hope it work with me :D and thanks anyway!!

  12. SSSA says:

    Hey i have a serial number for the sims3
    make sure you have it in caps lock
    I hope it helps!!!!!!!

  13. Human Being says:

    Aww, if you wanna register to The Sims 3 Community and the serial number won’t work, you could register without it.

  14. Paula says:

    what do you mean by you can register without it ???

  15. Janet says:

    SSSA: iloveyou <3

  16. Tee says:

    Thank you elis..it helped alot

  17. The Cat says:

    Thanks for the serials.

  18. Bea says:

    No, you can have an account without a serial number, but you can’t download things from the store or post on the forum and lots of other things.
    I have the same problem that aisan and tanya, I need a serial unused to have acess to those things in The Sims 3 Communnity =/

  19. Petuliiiq says:

    THX you veeeery much :):) …… :-*

  20. YouDunno says:

    REMV-F46Q-2KZ7-62KX-ARLD It’s newest working serial.

  21. Mr. O says:

    Sorry guys, I really need a serial number to go download some stuff… my friend lost my case

  22. Denesha says:

    Heres a way you could download it…BUY THE GAME.I did.Plus at Target it on sale for $30.00. I can’t wait till my new laptop comes and I could play my new family.I had to delete my old one.So sad.=)

  23. Minniemouse says:

    My serial code never worked when I tried to download some furniture. After that, the Sims broke my laptop, so while thats getting fixed, I have to go on my step dads laptop. I am now installing it and need a serial code that has not been used. I’ve used one of the ones above. Thanks for all your help!

  24. JosannaMariaYanez says:

    I know how to play on the sims 3. you have to download the world.

  25. admin says:

    Guys we have updated serial numbers for The Sims 3

  26. monster says:

    i need the serial number for word advantures

  27. admin's best friend says:

    thnx admin

  28. damon69 says:

    also every time i keep tryin sims it doesnt give me a chance to try a different serial so i have to uninstall and reinstall every time can any 1 help pls!!!!

  29. wolfgirl says:

    hey can someone please give me a serial number that hasn’t been used, so I can get things from the exchange.
    I know this may be a bit to much, but if possible could someone give me one today (trying it on my laptop, and I have to go out for wifi).

  30. buby says:

    hey, could you please help me…
    i have uploaded my The Sims 3 (main version) … and after this update they want me to write serial code from my case, but i don’t have it now… :(
    and all other serial codes that i have, and the ones you put on here doesn’t work…
    could anyone please help me… we are desparate… :/

  31. lms says:

    hey i loxt my case and was wonderng if cud get rhe sims 3 , sims3 serial numder

  32. loveyloveydoveyy says:

    oh i’m stuck now! it asked a serial from me at installation, so i used one and it worked.
    but after, when i tried to PLAY it, it blocked my code and now i gotta contact the site or else they won’t let me play!
    i even tried un installing and stuff but it doesn;t work.

  33. DARE says:

    Can I have the serial code FOR SIMS 3????

  34. Chey says:

    Admin can you put some more unused serial numbers out? That would be so helpful. Thank you in advance.

  35. Thomas says:

    Do anybody have a serial
    for the Sims 3 Ambitions
    sorry my Englisch is not verry good:P

  36. starquality says:

    coool gamee

  37. natas221 says:

    does anybody have a serial number for the sims 3 late night, please??

  38. kim says:


    I need the serial number of the sims 3 late night expension..
    I have the game but it doesn’t work without it.
    Can anyone give that to me?

  39. Nina says:

    I also need a serial key to the late night expension.. It is very hard to find if u dont know where to look…. :S

  40. kim. please check serials on the top of the page, we just added new serials for the expansion pack Late Night. Enjoy.

  41. Roy says:

    tanx man really helped !!!

  42. Naomi says:

    Heyy…who has the serial number for sims3 world of adventuress??? Desperatee! :)x

  43. Sidra says:

    Thank you very very much!
    I love you so much for all this!
    It is finally working was so worried about it!
    Freaking went a bhought the game and don’t know where to get the serial code and all!
    But this helped a lot!
    I hope it works in future too!

  44. Simon says:

    Please help me! I need a serial number for the sims 3!

    PLease someone =D

  45. Secretss says:

    they still ask for me to place the disk in the computer so i cant start the game how do you guys solve this?

  46. Georgia says:


  47. Mia says:

    Elis, the 1st one for the Sims 3 worked like a CHARM. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much! (:
    Much appreciation.

  48. Ibrahim Al.Washali says:

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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