Expansion pack for the Sims 3, where you can control your sim, when he/she is on the work, you can apply and dive deeply into work process. Control behavior of your lovely Sim. You can be a dangerous killer or local bin man, and drink and talk with the same as you are.

Also presents possibility to be a brave firefighter, change view of the local town as an architect or become a famous stripper. What happens if your Sim will find a success in life? Creators of the Sims 3 created hidden opportunities and a new gadgets and stories.

The futures of the new expansion pack ambitions are:

  • For the first time you will be able to act and control your Sim, while they’re on the job.
  • A wide range of professions and new crafts. You can be as firefighter, private detective, hockey player, ghost hunter and much more!
  • Choose how you will control your Sim’s career progresses – to what side will go development vector to good or evil side. How quick you will reach success or fail. Could you take responsibility for success of your Sim?
  • As an architect modify town structure or set neighborhood fashions as a stylist.
  • And finally enjoy a huge variety of skills and activites, be master of the arts, tattoo artist and use your own skills to earn extra Simoleons (The Sims 3 money)

Gallery of some screens going below. Please leave your comments of first expression, how do you get expansion pack, enjoyed or not?

8 Responses to “Ambitions”

  1. tonya murphy says:

    I am wanting to download the ambitions to my laptop,. Because I love this game.

  2. Jack O'Reilly says:

    how do you download!!!

  3. Lorna Mooney says:

    In my opinion, this expansion pack is okay, not brilliant. I think it was made out to be a lot better than it was and did not live up to my expectations.. hoping to try World adventures next ;)

  4. tyros says:

    What is the serial number for sims 3 ambitions i

  5. BridgetBieb says:

    My Uncle just got me it for christmas and im wondering is it good?

  6. Keely says:

    my computer says i have a sonic dla problem with this game and its message is ” your version of dla can read the files on this disc but will not be able to add or edit” i have played this game for the past year with no issues or that message popping up now all the sudden it pops up can anyone help me please.. if willing to help, my emails are or!! Thanks.

  7. Q. R. says:

    im trying to reinstall my ambitions expansion pack but i dont have the case for it any more. how can i reinstall it with out the serial code?

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