Some career benefits and career traits

all adviced from Agent_66

In the Symphony branch of music at level 10, you will drive everywhere in a limo. I also believe that you can be booed and cheered when people see you.

Yesterday, I discovered that if you have even one point in charisma and as long as you’re meeting people, you are able to unlock the first two challenges. This is helpful if you plan on doing anything with the charisma skill. I believe my sim is already at level 4 and it’s due mostly to just talking to people.

This works extremely well if you come from a large family – my sim is the oldest of five, so I had a lot of birthday parties so far.

Apparently, level 8 or 9 (not sure which) of Journalism, you also get a limo. Now – I’m not actually SURE of this. This sim is the son of a hit movie composer, who has died. If that’s the case, then children from the musical career inherit the limo when the parent sim dies.

Medical sims get pagers and can be occasionally on call (like real doctors)

Charismatic sims can ask for pormotions or raises from bosses (you have to do so in person)

To go along with Journalism, articles count as books, so if you have a sim that has the writing skill, these count toward books (ie, if they have five books and they do five articles, they have 10 best sellers on their hands)

So far, I have sims in Journalism, Medical, Science, Athletics, Culinary, Politics, and Business (I’m doing a legacy), so when I discover stuff about that, I’ll let you know!

No, I think this is part of politics. I have other sims who are friendly or charismatic and only the sim in politics gets these responses. IE, if anyone talks to her, they can debate politics if they know she’s in politics. It’s based on career and traits. For example, sims who are virtuosos or artistic can discuss art or music, just as when people discover these traits, they can also discuss. It’s just like in real life – if you discover that I’m in music, you’ll naturally ask something about music. If I find that you like computers, I’d ask about computers.

4 Responses to “The Sims 3 Career Benefits and Career Traits”

  1. Denesha says:

    My head Sim of my household, Jace, is athletic.When talking to any Sim he has the option to talk about working out and athletic stuff.So I get what you mean.

  2. MARIA says:

    My sim Imeh which recently died (RIP) reached level 10 of her lifetime wish as a hit movie composer but she never drove a limo, I guess it was because she had her own car, what you think?

  3. Marie says:

    this is great!!!
    i knew alot of cheats but i never knew this!!! thanks!!!(: (:
    &do u know how to get a job as a maid ? i cant seem to find it…

  4. Sam says:

    @Marie You can’t get a job as a maid. That’s NPC’s only.

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