My Sims 3 website about The Sims 3 a simulation game

Our website dedicated to The Sims 3, just released in June 2009. The Sims 3 is a simulation game, real life simulation, you can create virtual character and develop your own links of friends, build own house. Also you can live almost second life, but only on the screen of monitor.

Gameplay is so amazing, that you simply can not see difference between real and virtual life, yes it’s exactly as is. Our resource is a kind community of The Sims 3, lovers and fans, here you can download or submit new character, chat about game and exchange something for something else.

Will be published Gallery, Video, Board and Download sections, in the Video section will be placed the most popular videos of The Sims 3.

We have updated (Summer, 2010, Expansion Packs)  a new batch of serials for the Sims 3

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